I watched a few days ago a very interesting talk show on TV regarding entrepreneurship in Greece. I was amazed by the three representatives that were present, I’m sure that there are many more. I would like to take this opportunity to applaud such publicity which unfortunately, we lack especially nowadays under the economic crisis turmoil. It is my true belief that there is much talent and great skills in Greece despite bureaucratic conditions and  corruption. It is as, somehow, we don’t want to put forward such efforts but rather display all negative aspects of our public and entrepreneurial life.

Well, here are three splendid examples and this is not an advertisement for the particular companies: a high tech firm established in Drama where the headquarters operate with a share of 94% of its sales stemming from exports! What is the catch? All American airports use their equipment for their radars! Isn’t that astonishing enough? Then, another hi-tech firm established in 2011 by a company of six friends with headquarters in Peristeri, a suburb in West Attica, achieving funding from Silicon Valley for a cell-phone application. And finally, the traditional comparative advantage of Greece, a firm in the agricultural sector and particularly in raisin processing in Kalamata, Peloponnese.

We need to highlight such efforts which are not exhaustive of Greek entrepreneurship and talent. Those people, instead of cursing public sector and bureaucracy, have lifted up their sleeves, opened their ears wide, worked under a collective spirit and are nowadays pioneers in their field not only domestically but primarily globally.

This is the other face of Greece, this is Greece we deserve!

For more information on the above, you could check the particular talk show here