International Journals under peer review (selected more recent publications)

(forthcoming) Ketteni, E. and Kottaridi, C. “The impact of regulations on the FDI-growth nexus: a nonlinear specification with varying coefficients” International Business Review.

(forthcoming) Kottaridi, C., Louloudi, K. and Karkalakos, S. “Human Capital, Skills and Competencies: A Systematic Approach of the Effects on Inward FDI in the EU”. International Business Review.

(forthcoming): Kottaridi, C. and Thomakos, D. “Regulate me not: the regulatory failures of taxation – a tale from Greece”, Managerial and Decision Economics.

Kottaridi, C., Giakoulas, D. and Manolopoulos, D. (2019). “Escapism FDI from developed economies: the role of regulatory context and corporate taxation”. International Business Review, 28(1), 36-47.

Manolopoulos, D., Chatzopoulou, E. and Kottaridi, C. (2018). “Resources, home institutional context and SMEs’ exporting: Direct relationships and contingency effects” International Business Review, 27(5), 993-1006.

Kottaridi, C. and Lioukas, S. (2017) “Firm competencies and exports among SMEs: the critical role of collaborations”. European Journal of International Management, 11(6), 711-732

Kottaridi, C. and Filippaios, F. (2015). “The FDI and Trade relationship revisited under structural change: evidence from a sector-based analysis in Central and Eastern European countries”, East-West Journal of Economics and Business 1.

Ketteni, E., Kottaridi, C. and Mamuneas, Th. (2014). “Information and Communication Technology and Foreign Direct Investment: interactions and multiple regimes in economic growth”, Empirical Economics 07/2014, DOI: 10.1007/s00181-014-0839-1

Kottaridi, C. and Escaleras, M. (2014) “The joint effect of macroeconomic uncertainty, sociopolitical instability and public provision on private investment”, Journal of Developing Areas, 48(1), winter 2014, 227-251.

Filippaios, F. and Kottaridi, C. (2013). “Complements or Substitutes? New Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence on the Imports and FDI Relationship” International Review of Applied Economics, 27(6), 766-797

Book Chapters (selected more recent publications)

(peer reviewed) 2015. “Foreign direct investment, innovation and brain drain in Greece: turning the problem to opportunity”, in Thomakos, D.D., Monokrousos, P. and Nikolopoulos, K. (Eds) (2015), A Financial Crisis Manual: Reflections and the Road Ahead, Palgrave Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions – October 2015.

(peer reviewed) 2012:  Giakoulas, D., Kontis A. and Kottaridi, C. “The evolution of Greek FDI and its impact on the home country’s economy: analysis from an economics perspective”, in Kontis, A. and Tsardanidis, Ch. “International Political Economy II”, Papazisis Publications (in Greek).

(peer reviewed) 2011:  Kottaridi, C. and Papanastassiou M. and Pitelis, C. “Determinants of MNE subsidiaries decision to set up own R&D laboratories – the choice of region” pp. 235-258l, in Peter Nijkamp and Ioulia Siedschlag (eds.) Innovation, Growth and Competitiveness – Dynamic Regions in the knowledge-Based Economy, Springer Verlag, 2011

(peer reviewed) 2011: Kottaridi, C., Papanastassiou, M., Pitelis, C. and Thomakos, D. “The Multinational Corporation, absorptive capacity and the global sourcing of knowledge”, pp. 259-280, in Peter Nijkamp and Ioulia Siedschlag (eds.) Innovation, Growth and Competitiveness – Dynamic Regions in the knowledge-Based Economy, Springer Verlag, 2011

Other Articles

I have a number of articles published in 2007 in Stangos, M and Kydoniatis, Ph. (eds). “Open MBA – The secrets of Business Administration”, Ellinika Grammata (Greek Letters) Publications, 2007

Books (editions)

Among the editions I am most proud and honored by the following:

October 2002: Kottaridi, C. And Siourounis, G. (eds.) A Festschrift in honor of John Nash – Game Theory, Eurasian Publications (in Greek).

For the extensive catalog of my publications, please visit my curriculum vitae.

CV Constantina Kottaridi

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