Here is an example of great Greek brains!

I was very proud and maybe optimistic I dare say about our future, because Greeks, despite what media around the world spread, are hard working and innovative!

Three young electrical engineers, developed UBITECH Intelligent Technical Solutions back in 2005 and their company has been selected by Argentina to upgrade the internet platforms of the country.

This is a solid proof that Greece CAN innovate, indeed INNOVATES and there are plenty examples to testify that. We are used to hearing about corruption cases and the like, but, YES, there is another face of Greece and we are all responsible of bringing that to surface!

True, the Greek system does not help entrepreneurship with its complexity and now it is time we did something about that. But this is something different – let’s not just put everything in a basket.

It is our duty, collectively and personally, to place our country where it really belongs!