I was cordially invited to give a speech at the 1st Conference “Modern Women, Successful managers”in June the 5th, 2015, organized by the Harvard Business Review in the GAIA Center at Goulandris Museum of Natural History. In the panel parycipated Ms. Sophia Voultepsi, Congressman and Ms. Christina Antoniou, Sales Manager, DAIKIN HELLAS with Mr. Antonis Makris, President of SELPE, as the chair of the session.

Entrepreneurship constitutes a long standing issue of discussion; nevertheless we are still seeking for the real meaning of it in Greece as well as benefits that are generated through this procedure. Entrepreneurship has been demonized by many opponents as something really bad that seeks to take advantage of employees.

An economy is built upon two major pillars, as we teach our students in economics even at the first semester of their studies: households and firms. Firms hire production factors from households and produce products and services that are then consumed by those households. This is the circular flow of income in its simpler form.

Female entrepreneurship on the other hand constitutes a major issue by itself. There is a great inequality on this forefront between males and females, which is even larger in Greece. It is noteworthy that only 20% of firms in Greece are owned by women while the respective figure for the EE is 30%. There is also a great wage differential that amounts to over 23%! Empirical evidence suggests that female firms in Greece are more dynamic, more stable and more competitive compared to those of males. Greek women belong to the most educated women both in Europe and abroad.
Hence, they constitute a huge source of TALENT: they are an important factor of wealth creation and may contribute decisively to the long desired growth in Greece!