In Focus 103.6 in Thessaloniki yesterday, Sunday 29/03/2015, I had a conversation with the reporter Constantinos Bliatkasans and I stressed that the government should stop making claims regarding rupture with institutions because they rather harm Greece and not our partners, since they intensify concern and uncertainty.

I also discussed the list of reform measures that has been sent to Brussels. This list concerns basically measures for wiping out tax evasion and corruption. While these are totally desired, they entail uncertainty to a great extent since one may gather from 0 euros to any amount.

In my opinion, we should discuss unification of insurance funds in the first place as  well as some privatizations which would signal the intention of the new government to a new economic model towards efficiency. I also stressed that “non-recessionary measures”are falsely tied only to non cuts of salaries and pensions, because this ignores what happens in the rest of the economy.

That is to say, while we focus on salaries and pensions, the private sector is suffocating. There has been a huge recession in the economy.