Greece has been going through a tremendous economic crisis for sixth year in a row. Throughout this time, a lot has been said about Greeks, about us, things not at all flattering, to the contrary, very negative.

One rumor that has been traveling around is that Greeks are lazy and unqualified. Well! Is that really so? Let’s take a quick look at the data, not the data that Greece publishes for those that are skeptic, but international data published by Eurostat.

It is surprising to see that Greeks work on average more than any other country in the EU – for example, in 2012 Greeks worked 40.9 hours per week when the euro-area average is 37.6 hours and the EU-28, 38.1 hours per week. The respective number for Germany is 37.7 and for Sweden 37.3.

On the qualifications forefront, data is enlightening as well! It appears that Greece has the highest level of over-qualified employees in the EU (European Development and Social Development Review 2012)!!!

The Brookings Institution ( has published a collection of short papers on «Greek myths and realities», put together by ELIAMEP (Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy).

Please visit ELIAMEP to read all papers.