A Festschrift in honor of John Nash: Game Theory


Edition: Constantina Kottaridi – Gregorios Siourounis

Participants: Y. Varoufakis, A. Cabrales, V.P. Crawford, A.K. Dixit, N. Feltovich, L. Fernandez, T. Fukiharu, P. Hammerstein, S. Hargreaves Heap, J.C.Harsanyi (Nobel 1994), H.W. Kuhn, J. D. Morrow, A. Muthoo, R.B. Myerson, J. F. Nash Jr. (Nobel 1994), Chris Ch. Papdimitriou, A. Rapoport, T. Sandler, R. Selten (Nobel 1994), S. Skeath, W. Thomson, E. van Damme, J. W. Weibull, P. Weirich, D. Christodoulou.


ISBN 960-8187-02-8, Publications: Eurasia Publications

The book was published in 2002, a few months after the biographical drama film “A Beautiful Mind” came out, based on the life of John Nash. Rassell Crowe played the character of John Nash. The film won four Academy awards.

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This special edition contains, besides the original works of John Nash, contributions by 25 scientists from 10 countries, 4 of whom are Nobel winners. [This is a first edition worldwide in Greece, under discussion for edition in other languages by foreign publishers].

It includes an index of names and terms as well as relevant Game Theory literature both in Greek and in English.

It is given as a textbook at the University of Athens, Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of Peloponnese and the University of Crete.

I am very proud for this work and for meeting the great John Nash and his wonderful wife, a true lady, Alicia.