My article in the newspaper AXIA

Read my article in the newspaper AXIA, 04/10/2014 regarding the exit from the IMF finance package, the viablility of sovereign debt and the need for a new production model.

November 3rd, 2014|My Articles|

500 most profitable businesses in Greece

ICAP group publishes the 500 most profitable businesses in Greece based on EDITDA. We would very much like to see the 500 most profitable small and medium sized businesses as well.

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My article in Axia newspaper (21/6/14)

Read my article here

June 22nd, 2014|My Articles|

Exports and Primary Production

Greece possesses great opportunities to become a leader in extroversion. Its geographical position gives it unique advantages in primary production. Indeed, about 29% of its current exports regard the primary sector, the […]

April 25th, 2014|Posts|

The key to Greece’s recovery

Here is an interesting article by Michael Jacobides in Harvard Business Review stressing some important aspects for Greece’s recovery.

The author pinpoints the two-way propaganda, the success story of primary surpluses on the one […]

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Έξοδος στις αγορές ή νέο πακέτο βοήθειας;

Η Ελλάδα μαστίζεται επί 6 συνεχή έτη από μία πρωτοφανή κρίση το μέγεθος της οποίας δεν μπορούσε ίσως κανένας να προβλέψει στην απαρχή της. Σήμερα, έξι χρόνια μετά, διαφαίνεται πως θα κλείσουμε […]

October 7th, 2013|My Articles|

The South Korea example

Η ταλαίπωρη Ελλάδα μας επί τρία χρόνια ακροβατεί σε τεντωμένο σκοινί, οι ταλαίπωροι Έλληνες, με πρόσωπα σκυθρωπά, αναζητούν μία αχτίδα φωτός, μία μικρή λάμψη στην άκρη του τούνελ, που, ως δια μαγείας, […]

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My article in EurActiv

My article “The absence of healthy institutions and the internal structural problems block the attraction of foreign investors in Greece”, co-authored with my PhD student Dimitris Giakoulas, published in EurActiv.

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Are Greeks lazy and unqualified?

Greece has been going through a tremendous economic crisis for sixth year in a row. Throughout this time, a lot has been said about Greeks, about us, things not at all flattering, […]

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Interview to G, Tzogopoulos “The economic crisis in the US, Europe and Greece”, Newspaper “Apogeymatini” 23/08/2009.

Interview to G, Tzogopoulos “The economic crisis in the US, Europe and Greece”, Newspaper “Apogeymatini” 23/08/2009.

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