In the morning talk show in 24/04/2015 I claimed that uncertainty must come to an end and the country needs to return to normality. We cannot go on suffering this day by day torture. It appears that there is consensus regarding a lower primary surplus for 2015, however, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that as long as there is no debt relief, this leads to a higher finance gap due to the interest accruing, hence the need for new loans.

Regarding the current debt adjustments of civilians to the public sector, they seem to be good, nevertheless, they cannot be sustainable since current liabilities must be paid as well and this is not easy given the paucity of economic activity.

The Greek government insists on red lines, but for how long can we shut our eyes to our problems?  The insurance issue for example, is of vital significance and we cannot ignore the fact that it is not sustainable. Policy makers should thing inter-generationally , i.e., we need to have our pensions when the time comes. Policy makers shouldn’t exercise their policy in favor of one generation and against on another.