In the talk show NOW, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS, we discussed about the report of the Parliamentary Budget Office with my colleagues Professor Liargovas, Head of the Office and Professor Maravegias, member of the scientific committee of the Office regarding the critical situation that our country has reached and the need for an immediate solution. It is of absolute necessity to end this ongoing uncertainty and talk about growth.

In the above framework, I posited the issue of Universities’ English academic programs which were institutionalized in 2014 after so many years of rigidity in the matter. There is great interest fos studies in Greece by Asian countries, Russia and more. This constitutes a vital source of growth and we shouldn’t abolish them as is the will of the Minister of Education. Growth is not just a word, it entails specific actions, smaller and bigger ones. Not only should we maintain the English programs, but we should also encourage the development of as many as possible.