Here is my interview to Gianna Papadakou to radio Alpha 98.9 in 13/12/2013 on the then draft act for taxing real estate which was later voted for in Parliament.

The most intersting part of the interview can be assessed to be my comment on the huge tax evasion – by focusing on acts and their details, we actually “look at the tree and miss the forest”. And “the forest” in this case is indeed tax evasion which had it been restricted, no other measures would be on the table whatsoever. If collectability was to reach the European average, the state’s income would raise by approximately 30 billion euros, as much as the state spends on salaries, pensions, insurance, health care and social protection!!!

Here is the link with Aplha radio and the entire broadcast of Gianna Papadakou – my time is from minute 45 to minute 58.